Our business and technology management services, while grounded in industry best-practices, are not one size fits all. Each situation is uniquely analyzed, with recommendations and solutions implemented to produce measurable outcomes and quantified goals. What remains the same throughout everything we do is the Cask philosophy and discipline delivering business transformation. It’s our way of assuring that the detail adds up to big picture success.


M Sh Abbas

General Manager

Samir Aljahdari

Assistant General Manager

Ibrahim Al-Akwa

Technical Manager

Dhif AL_Farah

Programming manager (Desktop- web sites Android)

Fahad Al Saadi

Director of Finance and Administration

Ayman zanbur

Installation Engineer

Technology Consultant Solutions Realize Strategic
Business Needs and Deliver Long-term Profitable
Outcomes In order to achieve business goals, it is
essential for companies to adopt the most advanced and appropriate IT technology